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The Choice is Yours…

Posted On: September 10th, 2014

You may never have considered this before – but there are many different types of desks. However, in the world of office furniture there are several standards, such as: pedestal, computer, reception, L-shape, bullet, and U-shape. When you factor in the dozens of optional features such as hutches & accessories, size, and finish options, there are literally hundreds of different configurations to choose from.

Pedestal desks are made of a rectangular top or bow-front, resting on one or two small cabinets (pedestals) with drawers. Often, there is a large drawer in the center and a “modesty panel” between the pedestals that provides privacy to the seated user. When the desk frame has one pedestal and one set of legs, it is called a left or right pedestal desk – depending on its location. An executive desk is a larger, more elegant version of the pedestal desk.

Computer desks are used, as the name suggests, for computing purposes. Computer desks typically have a keyboard tray and legs that can be adjusted to the user’s needs and sufficient desktop surface to hold a monitor and mouse as well as allow for handwriting space.

Bullet desks are usually used in place of a standard desk in “L” and “U” configurations, a bullet top is essentially a writing table that gets its name from its shape. Viewed from above, it’s shaped like the cross section of a bullet, with the rounded end typically supported by a cylindrical metal post. Bullet tops are also sometimes referred to as an island conference top.

Reception desks are the first stopping point for an office visitor as well as a work space for the receptionist. Reception desks come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

The L-shape desk can offer extra desktop and storage space. The main portion of the desk, its shell, is often comprised of a single pedestal with two or more drawers and a central drawer or keyboard tray under the desktop surface.

The U-shape desk is arranged like a semi-circle, or, as the name says, like a “U.” The U-shape desk is comprised of three units: the central desk and two side returns. One to three pedestals, a central drawer, keyboard tray and modesty panel are all available on a U-shape desk.

Drop by any of our Greater Toronto Area Source Office Furnishings showrooms today and let one of our expert sales representatives walk you through what type of desk best suits your needs!


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Be A Good Neighbour!

Posted On: September 3rd, 2014

Top 10 rules of Open-Plan Office Etiquette

1. Use a reasonable voice level.
2.  If a conversation is going to take time, find an isolated location.
3.  Don’t talk or yell past your immediate neighbour.
4.  Don’t use speaker phones.
5.  Manage ringers and notifications.
6.  Look before you interrupt.
7.  Don’t create unnecessary noise.
8.  Respect others’ concerns.
9.  Respect others’ privacy.
10.  Do not hold meetings in your space.

open        (Images and abbreviated article : courtesy of The Hamilton Spectator)

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Thank You Brampton & Mississauga!

Posted On: August 28th, 2014

Congratulations are in order … for the fourth year in a row!

Source Office Furnishings in the great province of Ontario has won
the PLATINUM award in the Mississauga Brampton Business Times
Top Performers 2014 in the category Office Furniture/Mississauga
and the GOLD award in the category of  Office Furniture/Equipment/Brampton.

Hearty congratulations on your multiple wins!

Way to go Source Brampton & Burlington!

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Top Floor? No Problem!

Posted On: August 13th, 2014 ranks Toronto second on a list of the world’s cities with the largest number of highrises. There are many factors to consider when leasing your office space, and we at Source want to assure you that you need not worry about accessibility when you order you office furnishings from us!

The majority of our employees are born and raised Torontonians, therefore we are both familiar with, and ready to tackle any challenges that may arise when installing systems and furniture 60 floors up! With showrooms in Brampton, Burlington and Markham to serve you from, we are confident in both our product and our delivery staff!

Our delivery team and installation crews are chosen for their ability to problem solve, their agility and of course their outstanding commitment to top notch customer service! So whether your office space is on the ground level or you are looking to furnish the top floor of the CN Tower, just give us a call – we’ll even drop by the work site to help plan out your space with you, assist in designing said space, and selecting your furnishings. After that you can turn your attention to other matters and leave the delivery, installation and accessibility issues to us!

Click here to read more about Toronto’s ranking from

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MBOT Annual Golf Classic

Posted On: August 6th, 2014

Source Office Furnishings in Brampton was proud to be a sponsor of the Mississauga Board of Trade’s Annual Golf Classic that took place this past July 15th at Markland Wood private golf club.

We understand that the day began a bit overcast, but cleared up nicely and a wonderful time was had by all!  Source Account Executive Samir M. from Source Brampton was in attendance, offering all participants the opportunity to “Test Drive A Source Chair’ on the hole. Anyone who was up for the challenge  received a $25 Source Buck and a chance to win the chair of their choice!

Our ‘Test Drive a Source Chair’ display situated on the greens.

Even the Argo Cheerleaders were in attendance!

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